HMC Basics

Connecting to an LPAR is always done via the HMC (Hardware Management Console). You can think of the HMC as a control console for creating, modifying, and accessing all the resources on all the machines connected to it. It has a web interface and an ssh shell.

The hostname for the OSL HMC is oslhmc.osuosl.bak ( and requires access via our VPN.

Command line

Starting an LPAR

chsysstate -r lpar -o on -b norm -f Default -m powerdev1 -n chinook.fedora

Some notable options (these carry on to other commands with chsysstate):

  • -f Default” – name of the profile to use, typically named ``Default``.

  • -m powerdev1” – name of the machine the LPAR is on

  • -n chinook.fedora” – name of the LPAR

Shutdown/Restart an LPAR

# Graceful shutdown
chsysstate -o shutdown --immed -r lpar -m powerdev1 -n chinook.fedora

# Immediate shutdown (no waiting from OS)
chsysstate -o shutdown --immed -r lpar -m powerdev1 -n chinook.fedora

# Restart
chsysstate -o shutdown -r lpar --immed -m powerdev1 -n chinook.fedora

# Immediate restart (no waiting from OS)
chsysstate -o shutdown -r lpar --immed --restart -m powerdev1 -n chinook.fedora


# connect to console
mkvterm -m powerdev1 -p chinook.fedora

# close an open console session
rmvterm -m powerdev1 -p chinook.fedora

The escape code is unfortunately ``~.`` although you can escape it and not kill you connection by doing ``~~.``

Adding SSH Key

$ ssh username@oslhmc.osuosl.bak
$ mkauthkeys --add "key string"

To add it to a specific user:

$ ssh osuadmin@oslhmc.osuosl.bak
$ mkauthkeys -u userid --add "key string"

Other HMC Commands

Here are some other HMC related commands you may or may not have access to:

asmmenu bkconsdata bkprofdata chaccfg chhwres chsysstate chcod chled
chusrtca chcuod chlparutil chvet chhmc chsacfg chsyscfg chhmcusr chsvcevent
chsyspwd deploysysplan hmcshutdown hmcwin installios osinstall lscuod
lshwinfo lslparutil lssvcevents lsvet lsdump lshwres lsmediadev lssyscfg
lshmc lsled lspartition lssysconn lsaccfg lshmcusr lslic lsrefcode lssysplan
lscod lshsc lslock lssacfg lsusrtca lpar_netboot migrcfg mkaccfg mkhmcusr
mksysconn mkvterm mkauthkeys mksyscfg mksysplan rmaccfg rmlparutil rmsysplan
rstprofdata rmhmcusr rmsyscfg rmvterm runlpcmd rmlock rmsysconn rsthwres