Google Summer of Code 2011 Ideas


This page is kept for historical purposes. Please check the latest year’s ideas page for the most up to date information.

Welcome to the Oregon State University Open Source Lab Google Summer of Code Ideas page.

Ganeti Web Manager

Ganeti Web Manager is a Django based web application that allows administrators and clients access to their Ganeti virtualization clusters. Through Ganeti Web Manager users can deploy and manage virtual servers. Ganeti Web Manager is being built by the Open Source Lab to support Supercell, a testing cloud for open source projects.

Visit our irc channel #ganeti-webmgr on freenode for help getting started.


Django Object Permissions

Object permissions is an implementation of row level permissions. It also includes functionality for editing Groups.


Django Object Log

Object Log is a pluggable django app providing the ability to log user actions on model instances. It allows verbose messages defined by other apps.