Known IssuesΒΆ

We are still in the beta phases of Supercell and Ganeti Web Manager, so we are still under some pretty heavy development. There are a number of known issues at the moment that we are working to improve. We will try to keep this list up to date, but you should also check the Ganeti Web Manager issues list for a more complete and updated list.

Renaming a VM does not update DNS pointer
When you create a VM, it should automatically generate a DNS name in the .osuosl.test domain (e.g. jefftest.osuosl.test). This will let you connect to the VM through the Supercell jumphost without having to know the internal IP address. When you rename a VM, a new pointer does not get created, so you will still need to use the old hostname to access it via ssh.
Reinstalling sometimes results in an error
When you issue a reinstall command sometimes there’s an error. Its a known issue but a workaround hasn’t been figured out yet. As a short term solution, you can tend to work 5-10min after the first reinstall try and it usually works. Better solution for now is to just remove the VM and create a new one in its place if you hit this error.