Interacting with Volumes on OpenPOWER

Each Operating System interacts with the volumes attached to it in various ways. The most common ways to interact with volumes are through packaged programs such as fdisk, mount/umount, and other LVM commands. Alongside these packages, there are other packages that are necessary to view and allow the system to properly interact with the volumes that the user is attempting to manipulate.

Volumes on ppc64 and ppc64le

One of the most crucial packages for actually being able to use volumes on POWER platform is ppc64-diag.

The following is a table showing which images on OSL’s OpenStack POWER cluster have this package pre-installed:

OS ppc64-diag
Debian no
CentOS yes
Ubuntu no
Fedora yes
OpenSUSE no

For some distributions, ppc64-diag is not available in the stable repository. For example: for Debian, ppc64-diag only exists in the “stretch” packages, and for OpenSUSE, ppc64-diag is only available in the “Tumbleweed” packages. So if you are running an older version of Debian or OpenSUSE such as “jessie” or “Leap”, you will need to install ppc64-diag from another, potentially unstable version.