Instances for OpenStack

This is a walk through for people using our clusters for OpenPower virtual machines.

Groups and Users

You need to first have a group which your user can live in. If your organization doesn’t already have group in OpenStack (on the cluster you desire, either x86 or OpenPower). This group will have a quota for resources, image and flavor settings along with security settings.

Once we have made your group and user you will be sent a password that you should change. Then you can login and proceed to the Instances section on the left side and hit the ‘+ Launch Instance’ button.


Launching a new instance

After selecting the ‘+ Launch Instance’ button you will see this popup. Here you will select either Power7+ or Power8 in the Availability Zone. Flavor refers to the specs of the VM, you can request custom ones. You will want to Boot from image and then select the OS of your choice .. image:: /_static/images/openstack-instance1.png

Your Key Pair can be saved to your user account or you can add another:


Use a passphrased ssh-key


For advanced users


Again this is probably not needed


Hit Launch