Openstack on OpenPOWER

These are notes on how the OSUOSL is setting up Openstack on OpenPOWER.


These steps are still a work in a progress and may change at anytime.


We use Chef as our configuration management tool of choice and have created an environment using the StackForge Chef Cookbooks. The compute nodes are running Fedora 20 and the controller node is an x86 virtual machine running CentOS 6.6.

We have created our own site specific Openstack cookbook that also includes any changes needed to make Openstack run on the OpenPOWER platform on Fedora 20. It currently requires some private cookbooks to run (namely the firewall), and lacks some documentation.

Software Stack

Here is the current deployment of OpenStack on OpenPOWER we’re using:

  • Host Operating Systems
    • CentOS 6.6 x86_64 VM (keystone/glance/horizon)
    • Fedora 20 ppc64 (nova/cinder)
  • OpenStack
    • OpenStack Icehouse
    • Packages from RDO

Reasons for using Fedora

Fedora wasn’t our first choice for the OS running on the compute nodes because of its fast pace nature, however the IBM engineers recommended we use that for now because it was easier to get newer bug fixes included. Our goal is to eventually use CentOS 7 on the compute nodes once support has been completed.

Specific Changes

Here are a listing of specific changes we made to get this working on Fedora 20 on OpenPOWER.

Turn Off SELinux

There will be issues if SELinux is set to Enforce. Change it to Permissive. We haven’t had time to figure out the exact problem with the SELinx permissions.

Install newer versions of packages

Some packages need to be newer than what comes from Fedora 20 and so we created a new repository with the packages we needed. All of these packages have been compiled from the Fedora rawhide repository. The list of packages that needed to be upgraded are:

  • kernel
  • libvirt
  • libvirt-python
  • qemu
  • seabios
  • SLOF

Turn off SMT

The SMT feature in the PPC64 cpu needs to be turned off via running /sbin/ppc64_cpu --smt=off. Otherwise the Little Endian guests will not run properly.

Loading kvm-hv module

The kvm-hv module will need to be loaded and the kvm-pr should not be loaded.

Chef specific changes

Much of the Fedora support in the Openstack cookbooks has been removed, however most of the changes were done in the attributes. We have included some changes in our osl-openstack cookbook to fix those. The majority of the changes are:

  • Setting correct package names for Fedora on a few attributes
  • Setting the correct yum repository for Fedora and adding it